Don’t take our word for it! Find out what our apartment owners have to say about Optimise BnB.


Don’t take our word for it! Find out what our apartment owners have to say about Optimise BnB.

Check out what the owners of apartments managed by Optimise BnB have to say about us.

When we invested in a stunning Gold Coast sub-penthouse, it was a significant decision for us. Initially, we planned to use it as our primary residence and rent it out in the Short-Term Rental Market when we travelled. Little did we know that Optimise BNB would completely exceed our expectations with their monthly income returns. 

Their performance ‘blew our socks off,’ and as a result, we’ve transformed into Grey Nomads, buying an RV, and exploring Australia. We’re now enjoying the best of both worlds, thanks to the outstanding income generated from our property.

We’re so thrilled with the results that we’ve referred several of our friends to Optimise BNB, and they’re equally delighted. We’re eagerly awaiting our Optimise BNB shirt—LOL. Keep up the fantastic work, team!”

Dennis & Amanda

Retired Accountant

When I first saw the initial income projections from Optimise BNB, I thought they were too optimistic. However, what really won me over was the sense of being part of a family business and my wonderful rapport with their team. So, I decided to take the plunge. To my amazement, Optimise BNB didn’t just meet those income projections; they exceeded them by a long shot. I couldn’t be happier with their exceptional service.

In fact, I was so thrilled with the results that I decided to purchase another property, and the story was pretty much the same—outstanding returns. But here’s the cherry on top: because of the proven 12-month rental yield, I received an incredible offer for my first property and sold it at a very handsome profit. Now, I’m back in the hunt for a couple more investment properties, all thanks to Optimise BNB.


Gold Coast Business Owner

My employer is using Optimise BNB and when she told me about the opportunity I stepped out and brought a property. I was very nervous at the start, but Optimise BNB really cover everything for me, from Property inspections, handover, furnishing and maintenance. They also helped me buy a second property! I could never have done this without their help. Now my husband and family get to holiday on the Gold Coast in our own apartment which is really nice.



I love investing and was referred to Optimise BNB by a real estate agent. I was cautious at first, but they are fully licensed and operate from a Trust Account so I there was some level of safety as there are some dubious operators out there. proof is in the monthly owner payment, which has been amazing.



I started as the Accounting Service to Optimise BNB, when I saw what they were achieving for
Property owners I could resist so I brought an Apartment. The service in furnishing the apartment was “a cut above” and when I got my monthly owner payment I called to say “I’m doing cartwheels” the rental yield is amazing – they truly live up their name -Optimise BNB. My sister brought one and now I’m in the hunt for my next property and several of my clients are doing the same.



I changed four apartments from Long Term Leases to Airbnb using Optimise BNB Services. I live in Sydney, so they renovated and furnished them from me – great job! The rental yield is so much better that Long-Term-Leasing and my family occasionally enjoy holidaying on the Gold Coast to. I now have seven Gold Coast properties managed by Optimise BNB



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